Welcome to Neill Consulting Ltd.


We provide technical analysis, research and solutions in Science, I.T., Engineering, and Computer Security.


A small team of people work on each project. All are outstanding experts in their own fields, but they will also fully understand and collaborate on the whole project, which we consider vital for success.


We are able to discuss the problems, the processes and the solutions, clearly and at all levels, including on the shop-floor, with management, and at Board level. This includes a proven ability to communicate complex technical and computer processes to people whose own expertise is in other areas.

Open source

We use industrial-strength open-source technologies to implement solutions quickly, at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives, and with a better outcome.


As well as diagnosing problems, we can actually solve them for you. We can act rapidly, from observation through to solution and implementation where necessary. We have wide-ranging contacts so we can augment our own expertise

Case studies

Wave Energy


A new engineering idea for wave-power had been submitted to a Venture Capitalist, who had no background in this area. The idea appeared promising, so Neill Consulting was asked to provide due diligence and a second opinion.


We performed some physical modelling and mathematical analysis of the proposed device, revealing that the project would actually generate 100 times less power than it was claimed. Instead of generating highly competitive electricity at 2 pence/kWh, it was more likely to be £2 /kWh. Our advice was essential, because neither the V.C., nor any of the directors, had a background in physics. We were able to prove the mathematical analysis (and verified it in triplicate); we were also able to explain the problem in non-technical terms.


We saved the company over £1 million.

Warehouse control system


A logistics company was deploying a new warehouse to centralise the distribution system for a well-known retailer. As it began to go live, it became clear that there were severe technical problems which would prevent the warehouse scaling up.


We quickly analysed the technical problems facing the deployment, which the company couldn't solve itself. We were able to communicate these clearly to the directors, and help them to understand the issues. The customer had a critical retail-deadline 5 weeks later, so although the existing warehouse-software had taken 2 years to write, we were asked to provide a solution in 5 weeks! Despite the enormous pressure, we re-wrote from scratch a large fraction of the control-software within that time. The soluton we implemented was very successful, and 2 years on, is still sorting 200-500k items per day.


In the words of the M.D., we "saved the contract".

Electronic Coaching


A logistics company with 200 branches around the company needed to provide management and training to all their staff. However, constant driving around the country to visit all their staff proved very costly, time-consuming, and wasteful of CO2.


We designed, built and deployed an high-resolution company-wide electronic-coaching system, allowing for "virtual-go-and-see". Expert practitioners could coach their staff remotely, yet feel as if they were actually present, by ensuring that image quality was exceptionally high. Business improvements can now be sustained, and the branch network has much better and more frequent communication with their senior managers.


Managers now receive weekly coaching and feedback, rather than monthly. We built and deployed the system across all 200 branches for less than a competitor's original quotation for a 15-branch pilot.


Richard Neill (CEO), MPhil(Cantab), MSci(Cantab), MA (Cantab)
26 Portugal Place, Cambridge, CB5 8AF

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